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All types of design connected to music and theatre including - Cd Design, Posters, Book Design.

What began out of frustration at the high costs of getting a graphic designer to do my music design work ended up with me investing in some design software and teaching myself how to use Photoshop and Indesign. Ever since the release of my first self designed album 'Ed's Bar and Grill' back in 2009 I have enjoyed continuing my visual idea of a song from the writing of the song itself to its final inception in physical form. Equally I have found immense pleasure in creating imaginative posters for my music tours. From Photoshop I decided to embark on learning the programme Indesign out of requests to create an accompanying book for the 2014 CD release of 'The Boundary Riders'. With little money bringing in a designer was not an option and so over six months I taught myself the programme and worked on my first book design - it was a labour of love but one that I am very pleased I took on.  


Please find my artwork for my previous designs over these last years and get in touch if you have an interesting project that you think I might enjoy doing. I've given a price guide for those who like myself who have a tight budget.

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Cd Design

cd cover design
Cd disc design
CD back cover design
Cd design fron cover
Cd Front cover design
Cd insert design
Internal page cd
internal design cd
internal cd design
£100 Basic /  £200 with Book

Poster Design

Penny plaintourcoming
£50 Per Poster Design

Book Design

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